# How to create UTM Tracking URLs You can create UTM tracking URLs for any page on your site. Once you’ve created a tracking URL, you can use it to track everything from single visits to long-term sessions and track user actions across devices. Google Analytics and most analytics and tracking platforms automatically recognizes the tracking URL and applies a tracking code to your website, which will then appear in your analytics reports. You don’t need to do anything special to set up tracking URLs on your website. ## What are UTM tracking links? UTM links, sometimes called "acquisition codes," are a means of tracking visitor paths and actions through online advertising. They're essential for understanding how consumers interact with your site or apps. UTM links can be created by Google Analytics, AdWords or remarketing campaigns such as Facebook Ads or PPC ads. Once you create a UTM link, it will be recognized by Google Analytics and appear in your reports under the Acquisition section. You’ll also see the UTM link appear on every single page of your website that is tracked in Google Analytics. To learn more about UTM links, read our article How They Work: Understanding Google Analytics UTM Tracking Tags ## What are UTM parameters? UTM parameters are the tracking codes inserted into a URL that allow you to track user actions across devices. UTM parameters are automatically recognized by Google Analytics, which will then apply a tracking code to your website. UTM parameters can be added in two ways: ## How do you track UTM tracking links? Once you’ve installed Google Analytics, create a new profile and switch to the Goals tab. Then, select "Website goals" from the drop-down menu. In your goal settings, add a goal for "Goto URL", which is where you are going to track visits to your site. In this goal setting, set the "Goal URL" to be your UTM tracking link. For example: https://www.example.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=adwords You can use our [UTM Link Generator](https://utm.tools/generator) to start creating tracking links. ## How to Use UTM Links for Your Campaigns UTM links are a great tool for marketers and business owners to use for their campaigns. UTM links allow you to track traffic to your site in order to identify where users come from, what keywords they search, what device they visit from, and more. This is an important tool for marketers because it helps them understand how visitors are engaging with their content online. export default ({ children }) => <>{children}</>